Image background title

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Background image Full screen Full screen parallax Parallax Parallax ken-burn


<script src='../HTWF/scripts/parallax.min.js'></script>


<div class="header-title white" data-parallax="scroll" data-position="top" data-natural-height="550" data-natural-width="1366" data-image-src="">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="title-base">
            <hr class="anima" />
            <p>Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing.</p>

Main settings

Name Type Description
Settings HTML Set attributes data-parallax="scroll" and data-image-src="image.jpg" data-natural-width="123" data-natural-height="123" of title object.
White CSS Add class white to the container object to convert all colors to white. Use this feature for dark backgrounds.
Overlay pattern Mixed Add the code <div class="bg-overlay dotted"></div> into the title, as first row.
Overlay pattern is a feature of Javascript and CSS, complete documentation and patterns list here
Code location Information Insert the title code just belove header code. Example:
    <div class="header-title">
    <div class="section-empty">
        <div class="container content">