The framework to develop
static html websites and templates

Html Website Framework is a set of innovative tools to develop high performance html websites and templates from scratch.


Minimum Input, Maximum Output. All components require the minimum settings and work always and immediately.


Assemble together the modules for create the website. Each module has low-level functions that ensure maximum flexibility.


Inspired to Bootstrap documentation, it's not a simple guide but a powerful tool for build your website faster and better.


Convert your website built with HTWF to WordPress imedtiately with WPTF, no need to write any code, everything is ready.

Build a template and sell it on ThemeForest or other matketplaces

Modular scripts and css packages and only lightweight 3tr party plugins

All the Javascript scripts are executed automatically when required

1000+ options, 100+ components, 13+ menus, fullpage and much more

The framework is fully responsive for tablet, desktop and smartphone

Get 13+ menu types including horizontal, lateral, one page and inner menus

The fullPage.js plugin is perfectly integrated and use dedicated features

Stunning templates available for purchase are the perfect ready to use solution

Superior flexibility

A template based on the concept of modularity. Small, independent code blocks are linked together for create the website. Each module has generic and the low-level functions that ensure the maximum flexibility.

  • Large options set for every component, 1000+ available options.
  • Modular structure organized in containers and components.
  • Low-level structure for reuse the components on different scenarios.
  • Only the best and most flexible 3rd party plugins.

Great performance

Speed is everything, HTWF is built for develop high performance websites. A hard work has been done to minimize the file size of script and style and to avoid redundante codes.

  • Isolated scripts and css files, every component use his personal assets.
  • Every page load only required script, plugin and css styles.
  • Only Lightweight, focus on performance, plugins.
  • Modular CSS, HTML and JS codes minimize redundancy and code size.
Innovation is here, are you ready?

Free to use forever

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Start earning and unleash the power of the framework by develop commercial templates for Themeforest. Almost all the common features of the multipurpose templates are included, you just need to focus on design and contents.

WordPress version

You can convert your template to the WordPress version yourself with WPTF in few days or we can develop the WordPress version for you and pay you 50% of the earnings generated by every sale, between $16 and $20.

The framework has been already approved multiple times by Envato.

It's all free, use HTWF to create the template to sell on Themefores for free.

Get 50% of the earnings generated by every sale, between $16 and $20.

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WordPress version

WordPress Theme Framework

Extreme productivity

A template based on the concept of modularity. You develop your website by just copy and paste the html code snippets of the documentation. Each module has generic and low-level functions that ensure the maximum flexibility. Everything is ready to use in few seconds.


Copy the code from documentation and paste it on your page and you're done. You not need to write any Javascript code. The framework is smart, it setting and initialize the components himself and custom Javascript options are inserted directly in the HTML code.

Advanced & Bootstrap inspired

Inspired to Bootstrap documentation, it’s not a simple guide but a powerful tool for build your website. The combination of codes example, installation informationss and the list of all available options allow the usage and customization of the components in minutes.

Write less, do more

A big work has been done to reduce the code to write for integrate what you need, smart scripts analyze the HTML and show the desired output automatically, the components communicate with each other, you never need to write Javascript code or do others boring tasks.

Stunning templates

Our incredible community constantly develops awesome new static templates.
You can browse the latest templates available for purchase, keeping in mind that HTWF is included in every template.

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